Sunshine Kids Stroller Accessory Buggy Buddy

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Buggy Buddy keeps all your essentials organized and within reach when you’re out for a walk. With its zippered pocket for valuables, insulated drink holders and insulated cargo bin, it’s the perfect way to carry snacks, drinks and everything else.When you’re on a stroll with your baby, the Buggy-Buddy from Sunshine Kids will help you to keep your essentials organized and easily accessible. Designed especially for strollers, this organizer includes a zippered pocket, drink holder and more, making sure you have everything you and your child need on your outings.

The Sunshine Kids Buggy-Buddy Stroller Organizer offers:
  • Fits most strollers
  • Zippered pocket holds valuables
  • Two insulated drink holders for cups or bottles

The Buggy-Buddy offers a perfect way to carry snacks, drinks and whole lot more.

On-the-Go Storage
Designed to fit most strollers, the Buggy-Buddy is the ideal way to carry snacks, drinks and other necessities when you’re out and about with your child. The zippered pocket holds valuables like money or keys, while the two insulated drink holders keep sippy cups or bottles close at hand. There’s also an insulated cargo bin that’s great for food or other items.

User-Friendly Design
The Buggy-Buddy is quick and easy to use. It attaches securely to the stroller frame with four Velcro straps and stays in place. Should you need to detach it, it’s a snap to undo the straps and toss the Buggy-Buddy in the bottom of the stroller. And the metal frame lends support so you won’t have to worry about the Buggy-Buddy collapsing while you’re walking or running with the stroller.

  • Large size cargo bin
  • Insulated drink holders keeps drinks extra cool
  • Zippered pocket holds valuables
  • Metal frame keeps its shape even when full
  • Velco strapes attaches securely to buggy handle
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