Bumbershoot Stroller Chauffeur Umbrella

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Bumbershoot is the first hands-free umbrella for you, the Stroller Chauffeur. No longer must you suffer soggy strolls in the city. No longer must you sacrifice your hair, flair or footwear. Simply secure Bumbershoot to your stroller and you’re protected. Bumbershoot is easy to use, simply clamps onto your stroller. Bumbershoot is one size fits all, it attaches to virtually any type of stroller. You’ll love how durable, adjustable, storable and lightweight it is. Bumbershoot gives you the freedom to embrace the rain. Bumbershoot was designed with Stroller Chauffeurs in mind. It’s clear so that you don’t crash into oncoming pedestrians. It’s shaped like a bubble to protect you from the rain. It has a universal clamp so it attaches to virtually all types of strollers.

  • Offers a 360 degree unobstructed view; Attaches to virtually all stroller handles; Easily adjusts for direction of the rain and chauffeur height and stores on the stroller after the rain stops
  • The ribs are made from fiberglass and the canopy is made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), an environmentally-sound option
  • The chauffeur can move the umbrella forward and back depending on the direction of the rain; The 4 button holes allow chauffeurs of all heights to enjoy its protection
  • An umbrella for the stroller chauffeur
  • Highly secure
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