ZOE XL2 BEST Xtra Lightweight Double Stroller (Black Wheels, London Navy)

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The ZOE XL2 BEST Xtra Lightweight stroller is the absolute perfect stroller for travel and big city use! It’s aluminum frame provides all of the long-lasting stability of other high-end strollers while helping keep the stroller extremely lightweight at only 10 lbs! This stroller includes a very easy to use, quick one-hand fold. It comes with a travel bag, one child cup holder, one child snack tray, one parent cup holder and one padded front belly bar all for FREE! The colored wheel caps are easily removable and reveal a sleek black or grey wheel (depending on your wheel color choice) underneath which is great for heavy usage due to it’s ability to hide dirt! The huge, extendable canopy features a large hidden extension which provides your child tons of shade! There is also a large storage pocket on the back of the canopy to hold your keys and cell phone! The large storage basket can easily hold shopping bags, your diaper bag, and more! If you are looking for the perfect stroller for travel, urban use on public transportation such as subways, buses, or taxis, or a great stroller for quick trips to the store or in and out of your child’s school, the ZOE XL2 BEST Xtra Lightweight stroller is the perfect choice! Please note that the styles of our strollers are completely customization! The colored wheel caps and shoulder straps are removable. You can also buy additional colors and combinations to further customize your stroller. The ZOE XL2 BEST, a stroller with personality!

  • Super Lightweight Stroller – Weighs Only 16lbs! Less Than Most Lighweight SINGLE Strollers and Half The Weight of Most Lightweight Double Strollers!
  • Quick, Compact & Easy One-Hand Fold Makes It The Perfect Stroller for Travel & Public Transportation
  • Huge, Extendable Sunshade Canopies With Storage Pockets For Phone & Keys, Deep 135 Degree Reclining Seats Rated to 18kg & Tested to 50lbs Capacity Each, Padded 5-Point Harnesses & Large Storage Basket!
  • Lifetime Warranty & Guarantee on Wheels! If Your Wheels Break While You Own This Stroller, ZOE Will Fix or Replace Them!
  • Travel Bag, 2 Child Cup Holders, Snack Cup, Padded Front Belly Bar & Parent Cup Holder All Included For FREE!
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