Valco Baby Tri Mode Duo X Toddler Seat (2016)

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The NEW Duo X Toddler Seat is an ideal option for stress-free outings when you have three children to accommodate. The Toddler Seat will transform your Valco Baby Duo X stroller into a triple stroller with a simple click into the front bumper bar housing. The All Terrain Duo X with Toddler Seat is built to transport kids of all ages through snow, sand, grass and any kind of bumpy sidewalk. Toddler Seat can accommodate children from 6 months and up.

  • Toddler Seat ONLY. Stroller sold seperately. Compatible to NEW DuoX stroller. Not compatible with other Valco Baby Strollers.
  • NEW 2016 model is the perfect addition to your Duo X stroller to transform it into a Triple Stroller
  • Easily clicks onto the stroller frame to seat a third child in the Front Bar housing. Simple to click on and off & can fold with the stroller
  • Great for twins plus toddler, triplets (6 months up) or three little kids close together
  • Perfect for families of multiples. Seat suitable for 6 months and beyond
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